Sometimes you have to just surrender to the adventure

Sewer line froze, closed until spring

Did you know that laundry can be an adventure? Me neither. Until those facilities here at our Winter Quarters shut down because of frozen drainage lines. Closed until spring thaw.

Isn’t it interesting how something can make total sense and yet be so surreal at the same time?

Anyway, I discovered this as I finally, finally, began to summit my mountain of laundry by starting at the base. Two machines, two loads at a time, let’s start on this path! I am so very grateful for onsite laundry. I am really good at the ability to weave this taskload in between and around other daily home and work needs and projects. Although I had apparently forgotten this, since I had neglected the job for far too long. Juggling my burdensome basket, I was stopped in my tracks by the friendly notice on the laundry building door. Whoops.

Okay, then. To the laundromat it is. But later in the day becauase I’m working on, well, work. And maybe an entirely different day, because I remember from my fall laundromat frolics that I much prefer to get there right away when they open — and then get back home as soon as I can. I have learned from previous experiences that although I can easily get laundry done at home in and around my work day, I seem to be rather completely unable to accomplish anything else of value while trying this mix at the laundromat. Yep, I will have to schedule this.

Oh, dang, though. There’s no great morning this week to go, and we are literally out of clean… everything that touches our skin. We had gotten ourselves into a serious laundry emergency. Insert longsuffering, sighing voice here:) All right. I’ll go. Today. Later, after I make headway on what I’m working on right now. And that “later” times out to be exactly when I expect the laundromat to be crowded and noisy and full and waiting for enough machines and sensory overload and yes I know I’m being a laundry martyr and yes I know I brought this on myself. Yes, I’ll go.

Youi’ll be happy to hear that I had a kick-butt productivity day. And then I loaded up the car with overflowing laundry baskets, a book to read, and snacks because this was how I would be spending my suppertime.

I was in no way upset that the laundry at home was closed — we knew when we got here that it would be open right up until it froze. (Frankly, I am surprised that we made it this long, this winter!) What I was thrown off by was that I had to change my laundry plan and I felt I had no decent options. I mean really, I had even decided in the end to forego my preferred general laundromat plan in order to better keep the rest of my week mapped out. The least greatest scheduling impact? Let’s do this. Here I go.

You know what? When I got there, I was amazed. The few people who were there were all low-key and calm. The only person who did not leave and come back between cycles was me, so I got to mute the TV. The machines were very available. In fact, I used for the first time in my life the massive 8-load machine and just did everything in one load! (Threw it all in and used cold water. Don’t judge me.) The place felt gentle, and not the chaos I was expecting. There were even bonus laundromat kitties, who were very friendly and personable.

While the wash was running, I sent a picture of said bonus laundromat kitties to my two Flamingolicious Friends (you know who you are!). And the reply I got was clarity personified:

“Ugh for frozen septic, but yay for adventure?!?”

Oh my, yes. Yes, this is exactly why I was having the experience that I was. By the time I got in my car I had gotten over myself and simply succumbed to the laundromat. Instead of being upset any more that my preferences were off the table, I had chosen to look forward to clean clothes. And those I wanted sooner rather than later.

I ended up enjoying a surprisingly peaceful time at the laundromat. And I swear there must have been a time warp, because I blinked and it was time to go home.

What if we embraced when adventure does not happen on OUR schedules? We can choose to either be derailed by our day or surrender to it.

Bonus kitties also help. I picked up cat treats for next time.

Anything can be an adventure — it’s not about the situation, it’s about you. How can you be an adventurer, today?

Bonus points if you are an adventurer who is able to succumb to the laundromat, in this:

Yep… That’s a phone in somebody’s random wash load. I am so sorry that there was nothing I could do to help!

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