Self care is also in the moments

We hear a lot about self care, and quite honestly that’s a good thing. We can’t truly be of help to another unless our own cup is full, too. There’s a difference between service and martyrdom…

It’s easy to think of self care in the bigger acts. Who doesn’t love the idea of really treating ourselves — whether it’s a massage, a housecleaning service, or a week in the Bahamas?

Me, I’m very much looking forward to having a hot tub again one day. What’s your big-ticket wish list for self care?

It’s also easy to think of self care in the daily acts. This is the thing you give yourself at the end of the day in order to feel either a healthy maintenence or to bring back some sense of balance. Think watching a movie, having someone else cook supper, scrolling on electronics — the things that make us feel like we are taking a little break. The things we actually can do today, and not just have to save it all for our someday wishes.

Lately for me this has looked like taking the time to read a book. What’s your current day’s end go-to?

But the thing is, self care is not just about about the big-ticket items or the reward at the end of the day. Self care is in our moments along the way, too.

It’s paying attention to, focusing on, the good stuff throughout the day. Each day.

Really noticing the toddler in the grocery cart seat who smiled at you. Pausing to absorb the sunrise. Actually sitting down while eating the snack.

Currently I watch for the bunny, and then just enjoy our short vigil. What can you notice, right now? Are you rushing through this read, or are you savoring your time?

We care for ourselves when we value our moments. Being present is a self care gift.

Although… Watching a bunny while reading a book in a backyard hot tub sounds kinda like my current whole self care package, doesn’t it?!?

And in my laughing, I have just embraced another self-care moment!

gina drellack is the author of This Time, Glide: Stop Struggling for Success and Start Achieving through Ease and Joy, available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Balboa Press. She is also a contributing author to Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals, available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Sacred Stories.

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