Living a rich life

I read a blurb some time ago that I’m still gently thinking about. Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First $100K, gave a nod to what it actually means to live a rich life:

You might immediately think of Jeff Bezos or other million or billionaires on private jets with flowing champagne and houses with more bathrooms than bedrooms –– but what if it was simpler than that?

What if living your rich life meant taking an out-of-country vacation once a year? 

Or only having to work part-time so you can be with your family more often? 

What if it meant something as simple as getting to indulge your foodie desires and visit a new restaurant once a month?

Living your rich life has one important ingredient…you.

Tori Dunlap

Me. Me. It actually is about me. I am in charge of my own riches.

Where can I notice the richness in my life? How might I bring myself fully, with awareness and intention, to revel in it? (Think of reveling as appreciation and gratitude turned up to eleven!)

I agree with the idea that it’s not just jets and champagne (but I’m not gonna rule that out, either!). I also agree with the idea that it could look like travel, working less hours, or changing a special indulgence into a regular event.

But what if I expanded my idea of what living a rich life means?

Maybe it’s telling myself “I choose to spend — or not — on that right now” instead of “I can’t afford that.” Could be it’s putting blueberries in my cart even when they are not on sale. What if it’s the joy of taking my friend out for birthday lunch? Maybe the point is to feel the abundance that I have, whatever shape that takes.

Living a rich life. On our own terms.

What terms do you choose? How might you embrace the richness in your own life?

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