Perspective shift

I don’t know about you, but for all my naturally positive attitude sometimes I just need a spiritual kick in the butt. Apparently today is that day, because Holy Wow did the above image rock me.

Yup. It’s a needed reset. I had not realized I was becoming bogged down with that Other Stuff.

The interesting thing for me is that although I have a daily gratitude journal (which I love and highly recommend), this specific focus on what is actually working seems to be exactly the reminder I need in the face of, well, the current seemingly many opposites of that.

So I’m beginning a running list:

  • Warm and dry shelter (with running water and flush toilet!)
  • Physical mobility
  • Fresh oil change on a well-running vehicle
  • Creative, fulfilling work that is of service
  • Grocery stores are stocked
  • Met a dear friend for lunch
  • I am loved and in love

What’s the start of your list? What are three things that are actually working for you, right now?

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable group of college friends high fiving while standing outside

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