Spiritual wealth

I have an incredibly rich spiritual life. The journey I have been, and continue to be, on is one that is for sure filled with depth, meaning, and growth.

I suspect that you resonate with this as well, in your own life.

What does it look like, for you?

Is it a regular gathering of like-minded souls? Could it include your daily devotional booklet, or oracle cards? How about a gratitude practice? Might the constant signs and wonders play a part in your spirituality? (The small ones really are large. You’ve seen that particular butterfly at that particular moment. You know.)

And how does spirituality feel in your life?

Is it the surrender you allow to wash over you, as you discern the difference between responsibility and control? Is it the faith and trust in knowing that things will turn out all right, in the end? Is it the peaceful paradox of holding a desire or outcome in mind, while at the same time not attaching to it?

The new baby in your sphere. The flying over into the beyond, of others. This present moment, right now. The spiritual connectedness of All. The calm of acceptance from releasing the need to fix or improve situations, others’ behavior, or oh there it is… myself, in relation.

We are rich, indeed.

Looking at abundance, wealth, and richness is about throwing away our lack-covered glasses.

Wow, this is the kind of life I want to be living.

Your own self, in your own life now.

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