Work wealth

We each have an incredibly rich purpose in our lives, one that looks different for every one of us. Wondering what yours might be? Begin here:

What is your job, your work in this world?

Is it a business or career? Is it parenting or eldercare? Maybe you are going back to school. Or building a house. Is it writing? Singing? Making art, energy healing, saving the sea turtles? What are the things that you do to make your world better for yourself and those around you?

Now let me ask you again: what is your job, your work in this world?

Is it to bring joy? To provide safety and security? To inspire and encourage? To hold space? To provide a soft landing? To be a force of light? How are you being present and showing up, for yourself and for those around you?

Yeah. I’m excited for this rich work, too.

We are wealthy, indeed.

Looking at abundance, wealth, and richness is about throwing away our lack-covered glasses.

Wow, this is the kind of life I want to be living.

Your Own Self, in your current life.

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