Supercharge your morning (part 8)

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

Be the hostess with the mostest (or the host with the most).

Accommodate one and all.

Serve with a smile

And go the extra mile.

Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

How do you feel in your body about “accommodate one and all?” As you read that part, did you feel expansive? Or maybe you felt contracting, protective. Like I did.

If it was the latter, are your own needs been being met? I may feel short-handed in this, lately…

…Which is exactly why attending to others will help.


Wait. What?!?

Yes. Contract less. Expand more. Accommodating others is an expansive gesture of giving. Which, paradoxically, also gives more to ourselves. As I soften, I begin to discover my own needs being met.

Paradox = Divinity Alert!!

Do you have to throw open your private home sanctuary to strangers? Oh, heck no! (However, if that lights you up then by all means open your amazing bed & breakfast!!) But what if you helped someone to merge in front of you, in traffic? How about letting your friend pick the time and place to meet for lunch, without tweaking it? Could you allow your child to straight-up choose tonight’s home-streamed movie, without negotiating a compromise?

In this moment, can I be willing to give my spouse the gift of just listening (what they would really like), without engaging in what I consider to be an interesting, thought-provoking discussion (what I would really like)? And can I see that this is also the deep connection that I really desire, in a different form?

Accommodating is simply thinking and being kind, to others.

You will also find yourself again.


Today, how can you accommodate someone you love? A stranger who crosses your path? Yourself?


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