One more, about This

I’ve really been learning about myself, with staying my upbeat self when faced with another’s negativity. First, there was This nugget:

Do not see myself as vulnerable to other people’s negativity.

Holy wow. Great, but I need an actual how to deal with the situation when someone is coming at me from all sides with their own immersed crabbiness. Then, I realized This:

There is nothing for me to fix.

Boom. That’s actually very freeing. And I thought I had enough to sit with, until I experienced this scenario:

Have you ever actually been the one coming at another, with all of your immersed joy and excitement about A Thing? And their response is to rain on your parade, to throw shade on your sunshine?

Yeah. Unlike the first scenario, I didn’t actually see this one coming. But the good news is that I still get to choose my response (even if I have to recover a bit, first). And I am now beginning to understand This:

Stop having those conversations with that person.

Still have the conversations, but have them between you and God, between you and your Angels, between you and You.

What if releasing my need for that particular person to be my cheerleader in that particular scenario actually frees us both? Frees us to each be who we really are, in our overall support of one another? To be our honest, helpful and cheerleader selves in other aspects of our relationship?

Huh. Letting them be who they are. Letting me be who I am.

While being invulnerable to negativity.

That’s a really cool superpower.

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